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If you want to customize WhatsApp and are tired of its lack of customizations, Blue WhatsApp is the Right solution. It’s fully customizable and loaded with features!

Version: v9.94

Size: 83MB

Blue WhatsApp is another modified version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. As it is imminent, WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion people worldwide. The modified versions are bound to appear with unique features, and one such modification is this. 

What is Blue WhatsApp?

It is a modified version of the popular application WhatsApp. It is a third-party application, which means the official WhatsApp developers did not develop it. It was built to fill in the gaps of some features not offered by the official WhatsApp application. The unique features offered by the this mod that are not available on authentic WhatsApp include. 

  • It allows the users to hide their online status from selective contacts.
  • It allows the users to see if someone has read their messages regardless of the blue tick.
  • It allows users to send much larger files. 
  • It allows the users to customize the appearance of the app to a great extent.

Recently, this modified version of the WhatsApp messaging app has become very popular. The salient features of the application explain the reason for its popularity. Just like not all glitter is gold, there are some downsides to using this WhatsApp mod. Which include;

  • WhatsApp does not officially support it.
  • Not verified by WhatsApp.
  • Using WhatsApp mods violates WhatsApp’s official terms of service.

Why Should You Use Blue WhatsApp?

Despite the cons, this particular modification of WhatsApp is very popular among users. So, the question remains whether one should use it or Not. It is a popular contestant among many who desire enhanced control over their privacy. One of the salient features of Blue WhatsApp is advanced privacy. 

Another reason people keep using the application is because of its ability to send and receive large files. This feature eliminates the dependency on other apps to send larger files, providing convenience. Like everything in the world, it has pros and cons. And whether you should use it depends upon your own will. If you cannot choose it, weigh the following list of pros and cons for your case, and you shall have your answer. 


  • Enhanced Privacy 
  • Ability to send large files
  • Customizable appearance
  • Dual profile on a single device


  • Unofficial app
  • Not verified by WhatsApp
  • Violates WhatsApp terms of service

Ultimately, the decision to use any modified WhatsApp application is your choice. If you all desire enhanced privacy and your focus is customization, go for it. However, if you decide to download this modification, do so at your own risk. And before you jump into the pool of mods, make sure you download it from a trusted source.

Key Features of Blue WhatsApp

It is one of the most popular mods of WhatsApp, and it has a unique blue-themed interface that can be customized later on. The blue WhatsApp APK mod offers a unique blend of features that set it apart from the official application, as the blue light does not strain the eyes as much.  Let us explore the key features.

Multiple Themes

The first and foremost attraction of it is its customization. It enables its users to customize the messaging app according to their own will. 

Anti-Delete Messages

Another great feature it offers is its ability to prevent others from deleting the messages sent to you. They can not delete the message after it is sent.

Hide Online Status 

With it, you can hide your online status from specific contacts to remain unseen by those you don’t want to see you & keep your visibility hidden.

Message Recall

It allows the user to recall the messages they have sent without notifying the receiver that a message has been recalled. 

Extended Sharing

This mod allows the users to share larger files. With this feature, it eliminates the need for users to use different apps to send large files. 

Multiple Accounts

Another main attraction is the dual account feature. Users of this mod application can create two accounts on the same device.

  • Wide Range of Themes

The first and foremost attraction of it is its customization. It enables its users to customize the messaging app according to their own will. The app offers a bundle of themes as an option for customization. However, most of the themes follow distinct shades of blue following the main theme of the app. The users can choose the theme that resonates with their personality the most, thus creating a personalized experience.

  • Anti-Delete Messages

Another noteworthy feature is its ability to prevent others from deleting the messages sent to you. On official WhatsApp, any user can delete the messages they have sent to you, and sometimes, it agonizes the receiver to know the context of the deleted message. It removes users from this misery by preventing others from deleting their messages. Thus allowing you to keep all the records of your conversations.

  • Hide Online Status 

Enhanced privacy is a feature desired by many in the world. While the official WhatsApp offers a few features that ensure privacy, the Blue WhatsApp Plus takes it further. This mod allows its users to remain discreet while using the application by enabling them to hide their online status even when they are active on the app. Furthermore, it allows users to hide their online status from particular contacts, allowing you to stay hidden from toxic people while remaining original with the true folks. 

  • Message Recall

This is a unique feature of it. It allows the user to recall the messages they have sent without notifying the receiver that a message has been recalled. This feature allows its users to remain discreet by allowing them to unsend their messages without informing the recipient.

  • Extended Media Sharing

There is a limit to the size of the file that can be shared on the official WhatsApp application. On the other hand, this modification allows the users to share larger files. With this feature, it eliminates the need for users to use different apps to send extended files. 

  • Multiple Accounts

Another main attraction is the dual account feature. Users can create two accounts on the same device. People with professional accounts can also run their accounts from the same device. It saves many people the hassle of carrying two phones. It has become the epitome of convenience for dual profile holders through this feature.

Download Blue WhatsApp APK

Blue WhatsApp
App NameBlue WhatsApp
Size83 MB
Total Downloads5,00,000+
Requires Android4.3 and up
Last UpdatedToday

If the above does not work, try WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the pioneers of the era of instant communication. It has emerged as one of the most widely used messaging platforms, with over 2 billion active users worldwide. The reason behind its popularity is its user-friendly interface and end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp features have changed how we connect and communicate with loved ones. 

However, many technology enthusiasts explore and stretch the boundaries of features offered by official apps and generate modifications with enhanced features. In the case of WhatsApp, we have seen a couple of WhatsApp app mods appear in the tech world that have dared to explore the possibilities that have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the key differences between official WhatsApp and blue WhatsApp mod, the controversies around mods, and the impact they have created in the messaging world.

Blue WhatsApp

Direct Message

Multiple Themes


Hide Online Status 

Message Recall

Extended Sharing

File Sending Limit

999 MB

100 MB

Forwarding Limit


5 chats

Download Status

Bulk Message

Hide Blue Tick

Typing Status

Always Online

Full HD Images

Auto Reply

Key Differences Explained 

The official WhatsApp messenger is itself a dynamic application. The WhatsApp mods have followed the footsteps of the original developers by adding a few features. 

Here is a detailed analysis of the key differences between the official WhatsApp and blue WhatsApp.

  • Features
  • The official WhatsApp application offers basic features, including text messages, video calls, and basic file sharing.
  • On the other hand, the mod offers features in addition to the basic features. 
  • The additional features are related to customization as they offer the ability to change the theme of the app to one’s desire.
  • Furthermore, mod allows its users to hide their online status from specific contacts or the entire contact list. 
  • Lastly, one key feature difference is that official WhatsApp only allows one account per phone. However, on mod, users can create multiple profiles on the same phone.
  • Security 

The official WhatsApp offers enhanced security in the form of end-to-end encryption. This way, your messages remain protected and cannot be intercepted by any third party. On the other hand, Blue WhatsApp Plus does not offer any such security features.

This leaves your private messages vulnerable to interception by any third party if they can access your phone or the server where your messages are stored. The official WhatsApp ensures that its software is not tarnished with malicious code. But the mod version can contain malware that may corrupt your phone. Thus, it is a security risk.

  • Legality

Authentic WhatsApp is a legitimate app on Google Play and Apple Store. None of the official app stores support it. Since it is a third-party app, access to different sites is required to download this modification. Using it goes against the official WhatsApp application terms of agreement, which can put you at risk of being banned from the app.

Risk of Using the Mods

There are a couple of risks associated with it. Since the official company does not develop it, it is not supported by the Play Store or App Store. To download Blue WhatsApp to your device, you have to access a third-party app that can host malicious software. Moreover, the app itself may contain malware or viruses that can threaten the integrity of your device and expose your data. 

Furthermore, using WhatsApp mods is against the user’s terms of agreement and can put the user at risk of being banned from the official application. Since it is a third-party app and the origins are unknown, the legality of using the app is also unclear. It is possible that using WhatsApp mods like this might be illegal in some countries.

As far as researchers are concerned, in two instances, the researchers have found gaps in the security code of the mod version, which leaves the user’s data at risk. In one instance, a researcher found that it supposedly shares its user’s data with a third-party server without the user’s consent. 

More WhatsApp Mods

It is not unknown to the world how WhatsApp revolutionized the way this world communicates. The advanced messaging features were a big hit as soon as they were launched in the market. With such advancements comes the competition of knockoffs trying to achieve similar results. The modified version of WhatsApp applications available online are the same as knockoffs. 

Even with all the advanced features introduced by WhatsApp in the official app, some developers saw gaps and tried to fill them with the modified versions of WhatsApp. Thus came into light the popular WhatsApp mods, including blue WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp. Let us explore the various WhatsApp mods available online and their key features. 

GB WhatsApp

The GB version of WhatsApp has been the most famous one all over the world. It has also been regarded as a unique WhatsApp mod with the most features. The GB WhatsApp truly pushes the boundaries of a messaging app. Through GB WhatsApp, you can unlock the features you might not find in traditional apps.

  • Multiple Profiles 

The GB WhatsApp allows users to create two profiles on the same device. This means that one user can run two accounts simultaneously. This feature elevates the experience of those users who desire to manage their personal and professional accounts through one device. At the very least, the dual account feature of GB WhatsApp provides convenience to its users.

  • Advanced Privacy

The GB WhatsApp mod offers a ton of advanced privacy features. The privacy feature includes hiding the online status even when you are on the app. While using GB WhatsApp, you can turn off your read receipts and the typing indicator. These features allow you to remain hidden while you use the app. You can use these privacy features for all contacts or featured contacts. It also prevents selective contacts from viewing your status or profile. 

  • Built-in Scheduling

This is a unique feature of GB WhatsApp. The modified app allows you to schedule the messages beforehand. You can write the message at your leisure and schedule it to be sent at the time of need. This feature helps in task automation and saves time for people with busy schedules. 

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is another one of the popular modified versions of WhatsApp. It was developed by Foud Mods, thus deriving the name FM WhatsApp. Like other mods, the FM mod also offers features not available in the official version of WhatsApp. Here are a few features of FM WhatsApp that stand out among its competitors. 

  • Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp’s FM modification allows users to create multiple profiles on the same device. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp.It is a popular feature among users who need to manage multiple WhatsApp profiles. Users can create personal or professional profiles on the same device through FM WhatsApp. It enhances the app’s usability and makes it convenient for users with multiple profiles. 

  • App Lock

The FM WhatsApp modification offers an internal lock on the app so unknown individuals cannot access your private data. It adds another layer of protection. If someone tries to access the app, they are met with a security code clearance, which derails the search of anyone snooping around your data.

  • Customization

The FM WhatsApp is a customization galore. It offers a wide array of options for unleashing your creative side. The chat themes, fonts, icons, and almost everything are customizable in FM WhatsApp. And it offers a variety of built-in options to choose from as well. These customizations cater to the user’s preferences, offering an enhanced user experience through a dynamic user interface.


What’s New

Blue WhatsApp Change Logs


The official developers do not develop the mods. It is a third-party app not supported by the app stores either. Even though the algorithm behind the application is similar, the official WhatsApp has not created it, nor is it an extension of the official application. 

Whether one should use blue WhatsApp is entirely subjective to each individual. If the features entice you, then go ahead, download and use the application. However, ensure that you weigh the pros and cons for yourself and download it only from a trusted source.

Blue WhatsApp is a third-party app that the Play Store or App Store does not support, so some security concerns are associated with using the app. Unofficial apps like Blue WhatsApp can contain malware or malicious software that may corrupt your internal files and leave your data at risk for exposure to hackers. 

Since it is third-party and unavailable on the App Store or Play Store, you must access a third-party website to obtain the mod application. You can download the APK file from our website. After the download is complete, you can install the app on your phone like any other application.

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The world of WhatsApp mods has opened up various avenues for customization, personalization, and enhanced privacy. The mods are the model of innovation that developers can achieve while exploring the possibilities out there.

There is no doubt that it offers many dynamic features that can attract any individual to begin using them. However, there are some cons associated with using WhatsApp mods as well. 

However, the world is waiting to see how the official messaging applications will respond to the advanced features offered by the mods. The modifications of these official messaging apps are bound to change digital communication’s future. And we are excited to share all about the advances happening in the tech world with you. 

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